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In the spring in Tomball, TX is the time most people start up their air conditioning systems.  Often this is done without a spring checkup and at times the system fails. It is important to get more than one opinion when considering repairs. At A/C Ninja Air Conditioning, 832-683-1071, we offer a 13-point inspection for $79.00.   A/C Ninja Air Conditioning and Heating is primed to serve customers in Tomball, TX, because we are a local company that cares deeply about our clients. We aim to provide superior service to heating and air conditioning systems with consistency. Professionalism and integrity are vital to the business model here at A/C Ninja Air Conditioning and Heating. We aim to provide highly professional services that are nevertheless friendly and low cost.

A/C Ninja Air Conditioning and Heating has made a commitment to our employees to create a work environment which fosters both personal and professional growth. This is important because it creates a constant pressure to perform to the high standard expected by A/C Ninja Air Conditioning and Heating. We have created a work environment in Tomball, TX, which rewards employees who always strive for excellence and that is reflected in their work ethic.
At A/C Ninja Air Conditioning and Heating, we are proud of our professionalism. We are capable of handling virtually any problem, no matter how confusing or convoluted it might seem. We have dealt with all manner of issues before and look forward to every new challenge in the Tomball, TX area. All our technicians are fully licensed and insured, TACLB61093E and we highly recommend that you not pay any non-licensed “specialist” to do work. It is very common for customers to come to us with a worse problem than they originally had due to shoddy workmanship by an unlicensed technician that they did not properly vet.

The employees at A/C Ninja Air Conditioning and Heating are conditioned to understand that personalized customer service has always been the hallmark of the company and drilled to deliver on that promise. Anything less than complete customer satisfaction from our Tomball, TX, customers is unacceptable. We do not just aim to please; we are committed to that goal. We believe customers in Tomball, TX, and everywhere else, are always entitled to the very highest quality of services.  Call us today at 832-683-1071.